Celebrate Spring with a New Skin Care Routine!

Spring is here and we could not think of a better time to focus on your skin and prepare it for the new season! It is a wonderful time to actually re-evaluate your current skin care regimen and make any necessary changes.

How to Decide which Skin Care Products are Best For You?

While it may not be necessary to change all the products in your skin care regimen, introducing one or two new products can give your skin a boost of new ingredients.

However before you even take that step its important to really understand your own skin type to identify the ideal products. To get you started here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Normal Skin:
    Tends to be clear, balanced and not sensitive
  • Dry Skin:
    Dry Skin:
  • Oil Skin:
    Tends to be shiny, greasy and may have enlarged pores
  • Combination Skin:
    Dry in certain area(cheeks) while oily in others (forehand, nose and chin)
  • Sensitive Skin:
    Tends to burn, sting or itch after you use some products on it

After you have completed this step you can begin looking at products or entire collections that have been specifically identified for your type of skin. As you review various products also consider how "naturally" based they are as remember your skin is a living organ so everything you apply to it is immediately absorbed into your body. Look to avoid known and suspected carcinogens (compounds that cause cancer), neurotoxins that change the way our nervous system functions, and heavy metals, which play a role in hundreds of diseases. Parabens, used as preservatives, are one of the most common elements in beauty products, but they are known to disrupt hormones and mimic estrogen and are being investigated as a link to breast cancer.

We believe that within our product portfolio we have either a product or entire collection that is best suited for your skin type. What makes our products unique is that the entire Eslor line of products has been formulated based on a proprietary technology called HPT™ to ensure enough hydration of the skin while the rest of the ingredients protect and treat. All products are paraben free and have been developed without the use of any toxic chemicals.

We encourage you to visit our website www.eslor.com to find out more about our entire product line and request samples via inquires@eslor.com

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