Skin Care

Eslor Luxurious Skin Care offers exceptional professional skin care treatment with unique formulas recommended by Doctors worldwide.

Our skin care formulas are composed of these most effective and purest non-chemical ingredients:
  • Hydrolyzed proteins: Marine Collagen, Elastin, Wheat and Peptides
  • Exceptional group of products containing Vitamin C with the most effective natural oils such as peach kernel, carrot oil, along with a wide variety of super-refined plant vegetable oils and butters
  • Natural exfoliates: Ground Bamboo, Natural Enzymes and Jojoba Beads
  • Other quality ingredients are cold pressed botanical extracts, marine extract (Algae), and highly effective vitamins (A, B5, B6, C, D3, E, F, H, and K) blended in pure Aloe gel

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